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Abu bakr al baghdadi

Abu bakr al baghdadi 1

Span classnews_dtfeb 12 2018spannbsp018332isis leader strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong was wounded in an airstrike in may last year and had to relinquish control of the terror group for up to five months because of his injuries according to several.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 2

Strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong addresses muslim worshippers at a mosque in the iraqi city of mosul in 2014 photograph afpgetty images day and night for the past three years an unprecedented number of.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 3

Span classnews_dtfeb 12 2018spannbsp018332iraqi intelligence chief says strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong suffered severe wounds to his legs in air raid but is alive in syria.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 4

Strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong also known as strongabustrong dua also known as ibrahim awwad ibrahim ali strongalstrongbadri is the senior leader of the terrorist organization islamic state of.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 5

Beirut the islamic state of iraq and syria isis says the son of its leader has been killed fighting syrian government forces the announcement of the death of the young son of strongabu bakr alstrong.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 6

The son of strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong the fugitive caliph of the islamic state isil has been killed trying to attack a thermal power station in syria the jihadist group said.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 7

Now ibrahim strongalstrongbadri is known to the world as strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong the ruler of isis or isil and he has the power not just to admonish.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 8

A profile of strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong the man believed to be the leader of the islamic state is group.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 9

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Abu bakr al baghdadi 10

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Abu bakr al baghdadi

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